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All donations are welcome, no matter how small, so please give whatever you can! All those who donate will be recognized and listed on this website; those making larger donations ($500 and above) will be recognized at the Sponsor level and wil have the opportunity to have a business logo and link featured prominently on our home page.

All donations are payable online by credit card. Payments are processed through PayPal, a reliable and secure payment provider. If you would rather not pay by credit card, please contact us by email to make other payment arrangements. If you are making a Sponsor-level donation, you should also contact us by email so that we can arrange setup of your logo (if required) for display on our site.

Donations are recognized at the following levels:

DONORS (gifts up to $500)

Up to $49.99: Pickerel Donor
$50 – $99.99: State Line Donor
$100 – $249.99: Stafford Ice House Donor
$250 – $499.99: Indian Spring Donor

SPONSORS ($500 and above)

$500 – $999.99: Bulldog Sponsor
$1,000+ : Whispering Pine Sponsor

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