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Watch a video of the 2021 Concert

The Fall fundraising concert has become an annual tradition, bringing the lake community and friends together for a fun event in a good cause. The concert for 2024 will be held on Sunday, September 8th; check back here soon for more details!

Peninsula Cleanup 2023

Thanks to hard-working volunteers, the peninsula owned by the Whispering Pines Association is finally getting cleaned up, after being unused and deteriorating for years. The aim is to make it available for recreational use by all Association members.

Peninsula Cleanup Slideshow: Fall 2022-Spring 2024

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About State line pond

State Line Pond is an approximately 75 acre lake in Stafford Springs, Connecticut on the Massachusetts border at Monson, MA. The lake was formed when a stream running through a meadow was intentionally flooded approximately 150 years ago. For many years, the Stafford Ice House "harvested" ice by horse from the lake during the winter and delivered it to restaurants, homes and businesses as far away as Boston. It is a beautiful and serene spot surrounded by the Norcross Wildlife Preserve.

PhotoMore recently, the lake has become shallower and has seen an increase in milfoil, pond lilies and other vegetation. Approximately 50 households on and near the lake are eligible for membership in the Whispering Pines Lake Association, a voluntary association of individuals who love the lake and want to preserve its beauty and recreational opportunities for generations to come. Please join us in our efforts to maintain and improve the lake for all to enjoy.

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The latest from and about State Line Pond

Memorial Gift Donation

July 2021

We received a gift of $75 in June from Sally Balukas, which she dedicated to the memory of her friend Georgianna Bourdeau, with whom she shared a love of State Line Pond. Ms. Balukas wanted the money to go toward the efforts to restore the condition of the lake. Many thanks for the generous donation!

Memorial Card

Update on Fishing

May 2021

We are happy to report that since the 2020 treatments of the lake for invasive weeds, the fish population is rebounding and we are once again open for fishing, with certain important restrictions to allow the fish to continue to recover. Everything except pickerel will be strictly catch and release.... especially bass; NO bass are to be removed from the lake. The pickerel population are currently competing with the larger fish for the pond's oxygen, so we need to reduce the pickerel population.

Please check back here for the latest information on this and other issues related to the pond.

BACKGROUND: In November 2019, we reported that the pond had developed a serious problem regarding fish that had to be addressed immediately. The population of fish was seriously diminished due to the extreme amount of invasive aquatic plant growth which was depriving the fish of the oxygen in the water that they need to survive. An extreme increase in the amount of leeches had also been noticed, which was determined to be a direct link to the severe loss in the fish population. A strong fish population is absolutely essential to the ponds ecosystem and existence. As a result, a complete ban on fishing was introduced until some of the pond's weed issues could be addressed.

May 2021

In 2020, the Pond & Lake Connection airboat applied treatments of the aquatic herbicide 'Propeller' to State Line Pond, with incredible results- see the results before and after the treatment, and view a video of the airboat in action!

Before and After
Photos of the north-east corner of the lake, taken before and after the July 6 treatment

Treatment 2 Airboat
Click for video of the airboat as it applies the treatment to the lake; this is clearly visible in the water behind the airboat.

The photos below were taken in June 2020, shortly after the first treatment of the lake. Additional treatments, made possible by our many generous donors, continued the improvement to the quality of the lake. However, in order to prevent a rebound of the invasive weeds, we need to continue to raise money for further treatments. Please consider making a donation to help us with these important efforts!

Other News

News Photo The lake is now in its 4th year of treatment to combat the invasive weed infestation March 1, 2023

Thanks to the many generous donors who made it possible for us to take steps to save our lake!

Learn more about plans to save the lake from invasive weeds
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News Photo The Whispering Pines Association launches a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to save the lake January 19, 2020

If you are interested in reading about or donating to the fundraising campaign to save State Line Pond, click here


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Herbicide treatment, May 2020

The Pond & Lake Connection airboat is loaded into the lake.

Herbicide treatment, May 2020

The Pond & Lake Connection airboat is loaded into the lake.

Herbicide treatment, May 2020

The initial treatment is applied along the 'channel' that runs north-south down the center of the lake.

Herbicide treatment, May 2020

Future treatments are intended to expand the effects of the herbicide into the further corners of the lake.

Summer View

A photo from 2010 taken at the south end of the lake looking north.

View from Ash Street

This photo was taken at 28 Ash Street.

Lake with Ice

In the winter, when the weeds are less dominant, the lake is particularly beautiful.

Fall View

Fall colors are reflected in the lake despite the weeds breaking the surface.

Fall View

Looking south-west from Ash Street.

Summer View

A photo taken around 2010.

Winter Scene

Snow on the ground and on the frozen lake.


While it is possible to use small boats in the lake, even this is becoming increasingly difficult. Powered boats tend to quickly get propellers fouled by the weeds.

Lake with Ice

The north-east corner of the lake, looking west.

Heron by the Water

State Line Pond is frequented by all kinds of waterfowl and wildlife.

Lake with Ice

During particularly long cold spells, the ice can become thick enough to walk or skate on.

2010 Summer View

The deepest water is in the south end of the lake, but now even that is becoming overgrown.

Fall View

Photo taken near Ash Street.

Lake with Ice

View from Ash Street toward the island in the north-west corner.


Origin of the lake and historical articles

State Line Pond was formed when a stream running through a meadow was intentionally flooded approximately 150 years ago. For many years, the Stafford Ice House "harvested" ice by horse from the lake during the winter and delivered it to restaurants, homes and businesses as far away as Boston. In the 1950's and later, there were swimming areas and sandy beaches. If you have old stories about, or photos of, State Line Pond that we may publish, please share them with us so that we can expand this portion of our site! Information and photographs may be sent to

Historical Articles from Local Newspapers

Thanks to Gino LoRicco and the Stafford Historical Society for locating the articles and images posted below.

Around a hundred years ago, the State Line Pond area was known as Evergreen Park. The sign below was posted near the entrance and is now on display at the Stafford Historical Society.

This is the first known reference to the ice harvest at "the state line pond", from 1910.

The following articles, from 1918 to 1955, illustrate the popularity of State Line Pond as a recreational spot.

In the 1950s, building lots were available for sale around what was referred to as "Whispering Pines Lake."

The Whispering Pines Lake Association (below) still meets regularly, and is currently mostly searching for solutions to the worsening infestation of milfoil and other plants that are slowly turning the lake into a swamp.

current & future plans

The lake is still beautiful and serene but used to be deeper and had less vegetation. Years ago, there were swimming areas and sandy beaches. In recent years, the lake has had to receive regular herbicidal treatments to combat increasing amount of milfoil and other plants in the lake.

The Association is committed to improving the lake's condition and increase the recreational opportunities it currently offers. Our long term hope is to dredge the lake to deepen it and make it suitable, once again, for swimming. In the meantime, however, the Association is seeking to raise funds to remove excess vegetation and take other steps to improve the lake's appearance and current flow, and to maintain the fish population. We are asking all of those interested in preserving and improving the lake to donate to this effort.

Click here to learn about our GoFundMe campaign, which in combination with other fundraising efforts has already helped us raise enough money to significantly reduce the invasive weeds in the lake.

How does the condition of the lake affect values of properties on the lake? See this survey for more information.

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We have received a number of generous donations that are helping us fight the invasive weeds in the lake -- however we need additional help to pay for all the treatments needed this year. Our GoFundMe campaign for 2023 has the goal of raising $5,000 for lake treatments to reduce the invasive weed infestation and save the lake's fish population. For information about the treatment plans and about the campaign, please go here, or to donate, please click the "Donate now" button below.


and regulations

State Line Pond is appropriate for small boats. Safety vests must be worn. The lake is very shallow in many places and, because of vegetation, boats with outboard motors may encounter difficulties.

A public put-in area is located on Route 32 (Monson Road) and is visible from the road. No large-scale or organized events or commercial activities are permitted without advance written approval from the Whispering Pines Lake Association.

The Association also reserves the right to restrict public and other uses of the lake. Please e-mail us at with any questions or concerns.

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